Author Topic: Help with 'Standard shipping module' almost there  (Read 2767 times)


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Help with 'Standard shipping module' almost there
« on: August 03, 2010, 00:12:50 am »
I am almost there.  I just need to understand one thing.
Okay i set up shipping for U.S based on the weight.  And its working.
But that is for all the U.S. I want to have 5 group of U.S now i thnk this is called zone or maybe i am wrong.  So instead of charing all U.S states the same price, i want like Indian,Ohio, Michigan, Illinoisans to have one flat rate based on the weight.  And Lets say different rate for California, Texas, Utah, Arizona etc... this is fine but the farther I ship the more it have to add to cover to cost so this would be really help full.

I think i could just put the zip codes but i don't know the zone figure on how to group those and their zip codes.  If someone can share this info, that would probably solve my problem too.  Help please.  I did a whole day of digging.  Nothing.