Author Topic: ShipValue not working in VM 1.1.5 and J1.5.20?  (Read 3477 times)


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ShipValue not working in VM 1.1.5 and J1.5.20?
« on: July 30, 2010, 02:23:26 am »
Hi All,

I am in a crunch to make this work, but I seem to be going in circles. Can anyone tell me if there is a problem with ShipValue working in VM 1.1.5 and
J 1.5.20?

I have legacy mode turned on.
I am working in a subfolder of my original site. I have reconfigured the path and I can see the backend of Joomla and VM correctly.

In Admin/Configuraton/Shipping - I have "Shipping based on order totals" checked
In Admin/Configuration/Checkout - the 4 steps are checked and the checkout bar enabled
In Store/Shipping Module List - #8 Ship Value has the following values set up

Order total value   shipping charge
#1 25.00            4.95
#2 50.00            7.95
#3 100.00           9.95
#4 150.00           11.95
#5 200.00           13.95
#6 300.00           15.95
#7 10000.00         17.95

There is a suggestion in some posts that there should be a zero dollar amount as the last entry, but I am not sure if that is necessary? I have tried both ways, with and without.

Shipvalue.cfg.php says it is writable.

If I understand correctly, using this module, I do not need to configure any Shipper or Shipping rates. Please correct me if this is not right.

When I go to checkout I can choose product and get cart. I can get choice for shipping address, but on "Next" (Shipping Methods)the cart disappears.

I cannot figure out what I am not doing correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: ShipValue not working in VM 1.1.5 and J1.5.20?
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2010, 07:23:17 am »
Be aware of the setting of Minimum Amount for Free Shipping in the Store Information. Cannot be ZERO if you want to charge by value.

You should set a greater number first.