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***READ FIRST*** How do I ask a right question or why got my post deleted

Started by Milbo, December 24, 2009, 15:08:10 PM

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Dear VirtueMart user,

It may happen that your forum post just gets moved to the trash category rather than receive a reply.

This can happen when it is obvious to moderators that the questioner did not put a bit of effort into reading and researching, including searching this forum, before writing the post. An eCommerce application in a CMS is a complex program that needs some effort and basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and PHP to understand how to make everything work in the way the user intends.

So please ask yourself following questions before you write a post.

1: Did I read the manuals of VM and Joomla! Did I try to exclude Joomla! problems (deactivated other 3rd party Joomla! modules & plugins and tried a different Joomla! template).

2: Did I try to find the answer elsewhere on the internet and thoroughly search this forum?

3: Do I know my OS, server PHP/MySQL versions, Joomla! version, VirtueMart version so I can mention these in my post?

4: Have I included the history of the site (new installation, moved installation, upgrade, old install suddenly broke, localhost or live site etc)?

5: If I saw an error message, have I made a note of the actual text so I can include it in my post.

6: In which category does my question belong to (eg Installation, Shipping, Themes & Layout). Is there such a special category for the version of VM I am using? Every version has its own sub-board! Post in the right board and ensure you include the relevant information from above then you are more likely to get some helpful answers.

Always include a site url if at all possible.

Be aware that the forum is managed by users for users.

If you post a support question in this "About VirtueMart" section it will be deleted.

Should I fix your bug, please support the VirtueMart project and become a member
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