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Instructional Guidance on Shipping

Started by wysongcj, March 08, 2008, 18:31:52 PM

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Does anyone have instructional guidance on how to perform the following (I'm loosing my Joomla! Virginity slowly):

I want to set up free shipping for everything offered on my website for anywhere in the world for any order for more than $50. Anything below is based off of the total price of the items in the cart.  I've found the following in my Joomla/VirtueMart and check marked it; however, now what?:

"Shipping based on order totals. Fixed shipping costs based on values entered in configuration."

above found at: Components-->VirtueMart-->Configuration-->Shipping

Where do I enter fixed shipping costs on values?  I don't see this anywhere else in configuration.

Please, someone provide a step-by-step quick answer (unfortunately, in my case I have to request your response to be idiot proof until I learn more about this) on how to set up the shipping in this manner.

Thank you so much in advance for pushing me in the right direction!!!



Nobody has guidance of any type or even a link to shoot me in the right direction for setting up shipping??  Thank you!

Overall end desired resutlts: "Shipping to everywhere with order totals above $50.00 is FREE" 

...weight of product just doesn't matter because I want it based off the dollar amount.

Thank you!


To set free shipping over $50. In Virtuemart backend click store, edit store and set Minimum Amount for Free Shipping: to $50.  For everything under $50 you need to be more specific as to what you are looking to do.


Hi Chris,

I had problems with this too but I finally figured it out.

In the Virtuemart admin area:

1) Go To Store on the menubar
2) Click Shipping Module List
3) Look for shipvalue (or whatever shipping method you want)
4) Click Configure Ship Method

I hope that helps.

Janice Gentles-Jones


Oh!  It did...  I apologize I didn't thank you earlier!  I appreciate you help!


PS: I just peaked at your front page and think you've hit on a pretty good niche.  You should be doing well with your set up!  :-D


Hello... I am new on this. I have read search and almost everything.
I would like to export products to panama and south america. What can i do if countries like panama do not have ZIP codes for delivery? The country has 9 states or departments each one of them with diferent shipping rate. Can someone tell me how to edit the shipping rates in order that i can put the diferent rates according to each state or province for each country i prettend to supply??