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Shipping cost based on UK counties?

Started by Hazel, August 19, 2007, 23:52:34 PM

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Does anybody know of a module that will set the shipping cost by reading the county (UK) of the delivery address?
We're using a courier who's costs are based on distance, so I need a way of using the county (or postcode) infomation in the delivery address to set the postage rate.
I was thinking maby some way of applying zone shipping to counties rather than countries would do it.
Any ideas?


I too need the ability to apply shipping based on UK Post code or County and saw this single posting.

Has anyone managed to apply shipping to an order based on weight and UK Post Code yet?


Yes, my client uses a combination of the Post Office and TNT. Below 10kgs he uses Rmail and above 10kgs TNT.

I used standard shipping to set up all royal mail including special delivery. For TNT between 10 and 20kgs the rate is fixed which is no problem to set up. But over 20kgs the amount is calculated by a rate calculation. For this I commissioned a mod which was created by Thomas Freeman which he has published to the community at large.

Post Code: I think you will need a custom solution for this. Contact one of the developers (Joseph Kwan is good). Since both of you want this you can share the cost

A lot of questions are answered in the VM 1.1 User Manual please read it before asking questions.


Uk postcodes are not sequential. you could probably have done it if they were from 1-100 based on distance as you could have entered this into the couriers postal code range. 1 is near, 100 is far.

But as UK postal codes can be wxa 3434 or nw6 3lw and there is no way to do this unless you literally created a rule for every postal code combination in the UK. Then that would be a big batch script!



I am looking for a module which is similar to the above. However I am looking for a module which sets 2 rates. 1. Free delivery within a 5 mile radius of the store (determined by postcode) 2. Usual postage but staggered i.e. £1 for 1st item then 90p per additonal item. Virtumart is linked up with Paypal in this case so wonder if there is anything which would help with the above.
Many thanks


Yes postage by counties a must for UK shops...

This could be done if the shipment by 'State' was enabled in the shipping options (not just country) ... but as of yet it isn't.