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Main Menu payment module

Started by Kevin, May 25, 2007, 18:14:21 PM

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After browsing the forum for a while, I decided to write my own PlugNPay payment module.  It is attached.  It is based off of the module and not completely "fit and finish" as in some of the configuration stuff is carried over and unused.  I have successfully got this working with my site, but as always, YMMV.

I will not support the code in this module.  If you need code done, by all means do it yourself, that's why it's GPL'd.  I will answer as many questions as possible, but I do not have a whole lot of extra time.

Just create a new payment method, class ps_plugnpay and code PNP.

Put these files in the  JOOMLA_ROOT/administrator/components/com_virtuemart/classes/payment directory:  ps_plugnpay.php, ps_plugnpay.cfg.php

Put this updated english.php file in the languages directory.

That should be all that is needed to use the module.

Kevin (weevilofdoom)

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Kevin tried doing what you had here.  Looking to get some help and willing to pay for it.   Please respond 

I have to configure the SSL as well as configure the Payment Gateway PlugNpay


Kevin -- You are to be congratulated. As you can see many many VirtueMart users have been seeking a PlugnPay solution since 2005 and you have come to the rescue. We all sincerely appreciate your effort. In fact, I have passed along your files to PlugnPay and asked that they review it and perhaps recommend it since they only publicly support as an overlay.

Question: Your english.php is quite different than the current english.php supported by VirtueMart. The copyright on your file is dated 2006. It is much larger than the one currently provided. What are the cautions we should be aware of between the two English.php files? Is it really necessary to replace what is already there? If so, what are the potential effects on other parts of the application?


Hello Kevin - I am about to try out your payment gateway for and I am wondering igf you have done any improvements since 2006. I like others am willing to pay you for support. I have a paying client I am installing it for so why not share the love. Please contact me at


Anyone get this figured out?  I get the error:

Direct Access to this location is not allowed.

Any help would be appreciated.