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Another phpShop enabled site launched!
« on: September 25, 2004, 19:26:47 pm »
You can see another phpShop enabled site designed and constructed by Worldwide TeleNet by visiting this URL:

This site is currently using Mambo 4.5 v1.0.9 and phpShop v1.1a. The cart is enabled for PayPal, check or money order payment methods only.

We have modified the original phpShop v1.1a files extensively to include many bug fixes, some found by us and others as posted in these forums. We also modified some of the code and English language files to best fit how we wanted the shop to look and run.

This website is actually one of three Mambo installations using the same domain. You can see the other two sites by visiting these URLs:

Since this is a non-profit organization, it only made sense to put phpShop on just the site which offers a few anti-drug videos and books. The focus for this organization and its website isn't really about selling products, so the online store is only present within selected sections of the site. Look for \"Videos & Books\" in the Education based site to see how we setup phpShop.

Many thanks goes out to both Soeren and Evelyn (bluedarter) for their help and assistance debugging/customizing phpShop v1.1a.

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