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Interested in Joining the Dev Team? Read on...

Started by Shibumi, August 09, 2006, 21:23:34 PM

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Cheers, I'll just wait and give the dev team time to check over everything.
Thanks Simon Hodgkiss

Happy to help where I can.


Hi Guys

I've just e-mailed Alejandro who make Jreview

this message below

QuoteHi Alejandro
Would you be interest in giving a free copy of JReview to Soreen of for the reviews of virutemart extension and templates. It would help to generate more money for virtuemart project

Look forward to your feedback

Kind Regards


Hi Charles

he said he would be happy to donate a free copy of Jreview to     
I'd be happy to do that as long as it's mentioned somewhere that JReviews is powering the reviews if you decide to remove the powered by link.

I would appreciate though if the license used for this is under an email account in the domain. Please create the account in the system and let me know the email and I'll add the license there.






I am a long time VM user and implementor. I am also a part of the Swedish Joomla translator group and as such I have translated VirtueMart and manintain the current translations.
I am not very happy about how translators are treated in common by developer teams and we are often seen as som one who just contribute quickly and sometimes unsufficently and is not seen as needed in a development team.
I hope you see this differently since it takes quite much effort to make a good translation of an extension in order to make it easy to use and understand.
I am willing to be a long term partner in the team.
I would like to start immediatly with the translation work for VM 1.5 and later 2.x since there is a great demand for a new and translated VM here in Sweden.
Best regards,
Stefan Gagner, Web8 Universal, Sweden

We make the impossible while you wait. Wonders takes a little bit longer.


sign me up =) I would be very glad to help out. I am an IT engineer, and gladly learning PHP, already read the developers manual and user manual and I often visit developers section to check out new stuff =)

wanting to learn to create good templates



How to join the team? There  is no way to signup your dev portal.



You could start by helping out & answering some of the issues on the forum. A knowledge of the current state of VirtueMart and of the user issues is a good precursor to joining the team.
Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK

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Please mention your VirtueMart, Joomla and PHP versions when asking a question in this forum


Yes, good advice jenkinhill. It happens often that people want to join the team, just to tell their ideas. Or they want actually help, but dont have the knowledge. I can assure that jenkinhill points me to people who want and actually do help.
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