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old forum topics

Started by hazael, February 03, 2024, 10:15:39 AM

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94710 Topics by 336900 Members (LOL) - I think 100 active users would be a very optimistic sum.
The number of users is probably due to the fact that a new spam bot registers on the forum every now and then

Out of all this on this forum, Google has only indexed 15000 pages - most of which is worthless garbage

Mambots, Plugins VM 1.1 - I suspect that none of the new people even know what Mambo is. The last stable version of this CMS was created in 2008 - 16 years ago!   :D

Who are these old forum categories for - for example virtuemart 1 and old.. - who uses it? Recent posts are on average 10 years old.

Such an overloaded forum is nothing more than a big spam dumpster for Google search engines and the like.
Such forums should be hidden or archived. They should be blocked from web crawlers.

Virtuemart would position itself better if these old entries were eliminated.

Nobody cares how old Virtuemart is - all that matters to everyone is modernity, functionality and reliability.
Milbo - if you want to develop and move forward with virtuemart - towards modernity, you should break away from the prehistory that you keep on the page.

For an old grandfather with a gray beard 10 years is just a moment, but for young people it is an eternity...


You are right, we should remove the old vm1 stuff now. It is really time for, yes. But the first years we still had users saying " My shop is heavily modified, I just need some tip here".
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