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Bug captcha Joomla et VM 4

Started by geldany, October 11, 2023, 15:25:21 PM

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Joomla Version: 4.3.4
VM Version:  4.2.4 10922
PHP Version: 8.2.11


I don't see anything on the forum about these Joomla/Virtuemart versions and the buggy Captcha.

We have a problem, when we active captcha in virtuemart configuration for new subscriber, we have a message "Succees, invalid keys" and the subscription is break.
No error in debug mode. We test captcha 2 and capctha 3. The keys for google captcha are verified and Ok and the problem persist.

Can someone help us please?


Emma Iana

Same problem.
Did you try on default joomla template?