No username/password reminder for

Started by sandomatyas, May 06, 2023, 06:48:20 AM

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I can't get username/password reminder, because of this

Could not instantiate mail function.
Reminder failed: Failed sending email.


I have the same problem:

I bought a Bronze membership last April 20th and I got my code to download the installer of VM. But I didn't notice I didn't receive my user/password nor the code by email. I closed the site and last week I didn't remember the user/pass. I tried some choices I thought I had use but they didn't work. And the remember feature is not working because of that error message. So I can't login, I can't get remembered my user/pass, I can't get my Bronze membership code nor download the new update installers.
I have the Paypal email from the purchase as proof, with the invoice ID and everything. Please I need some help.

Thank you.