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Omnibus directive - in UE

Started by hazael, December 31, 2022, 16:23:28 PM

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"Any announcement of a price reduction shall indicate the prior price applied by the trader for a determined period of time prior to the application of the price reduction.
The prior price means the lowest price applied by the trader during a period of time not shorter than 30 days prior to the application of the price reduction." – omnibus directive.

From the new year, many European countries will treat it as a standard. Will Virtuemart get a feature that will display product price histories for 30 days?

He would have to create an additional price table in the database with a cron function that would collect the current product prices every month


Any news regarding Omnibus directive and implementation in Virtuemart?


J3.10.12 | PHP 7.4.33 + APC + memcached + Opcode
VM Prod : 3.8.6 | VM Test :