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Dutch payment collection providers for VM4

Started by andrew.cox, December 26, 2022, 14:31:17 PM

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Hi, I am appealing for help or advice from anyone who manages a Virtuemart shop in The Netherlands. I am not a developer, so excuse any obvious lack of technical knowledge. I have two VM 3.8 shops in The Netherlands and use a payment collection provider (PCP) called Icepay. However, we have to update to VM 4 by August 2023, but Icepay are not supporting their VM plug-in any further and cannot guarantee their current plugin will work with VM4. I have looked at other Dutch PCPs such as Mollie, Buckaroo and Multisafepay but so far have not found one with a plug-in for VM4. In NL (and Dutch-speaking Belgium) it is particularly important to be able to take online payments via iDeal and Bancontact. Any tips, ideas, offers?.

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IMHO the changes between a VM3 and VM4 payment plugin will be minor (if any) as will any php8 required changes..

have u tried any of the mentioned plugins on VM4?

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Thanks very much for replying and for your reassurance. That would be great if we can continue using the same payment plugin. It certainly didn't give us any issues when we upgraded from VM 2 to VM3, despite the warnings. No, we havn't tested VM4 yet. On the other hand, a test upgrade to PHP 8 caused a lot of problems that we havn't solved so far. So one thing at a time!

Good to know you exist. If we need help or advice in the future I will contact you for a quote.


Quote from: andrew.cox on December 26, 2022, 14:31:17 PM
In NL (and Dutch-speaking Belgium) it is particularly important to be able to take online payments via iDeal and Bancontact. Any tips, ideas, offers?.

iDeal and Bancontact and are supported by PayPal Alternative Payments,  which are in included in the PayPal Checkout Advanced plugin at

Tested with PHP 8 and Joomla 4

For iDeal payments PayPal Holand charge 0.29 Euros per transaction
Other alternative payments including Bancontact are listed as 1.8% plus 0.35 Euros per transaction.
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Thanks very much for replying. Great to know about this plug-in. I think Paypal's fees are quite a bit more than those of the Dutch PCPs like Icepay and Multisafepay, but if necessary we will resort to the plug in you kindly told me about. Thanks again. Much appreciated for your time and help.