Author Topic: How to make right routing without root category meny item on J4  (Read 2124 times)


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I have tested VM4 on J3 for some month and see that many problems are solved and VM4 now working good. But today I have upgraded to J4 and got some problems.

I have no root VM category menu item, I have categoryes menu items already. Example:, or and by this way I have URL like and etc.

But after update to J4 a have got URL like on frontpage. I tryed many settings and found the only way to make good looking URL is to make root category menu item. But after this I URL become like

Anybody know how to make good routing without making root category item? Because it makes URL longe and bad looking.

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Re: How to make right routing without root category meny item on J4
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2022, 12:07:34 pm »
VM4 for J4 is very much a work in progress especially routing.. be patient..

and when asking or reporting u MUST give exact versions!
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