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paypal checkout

Started by serge-web54, June 09, 2022, 11:29:28 AM

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a last message in a bottle :
I can't success to install paypal checkout or else in a site
The customer wants the user to switch between paypal and a paypal solution with CB (paypal checkout ?) because users left the cart when going in paypal
I had a call with paypal "developper" who said it is not possible to do that
But there is a paypal plugin with paypal checkout !
Who can help me, please ?


Hello there,
Hope you are well.

I can help you with your requirement. Please reach me at or connect me over on skype for a quick chat regarding the requriement.

Henry P
Skype: live:.cid.dc5377d1a462c5b4


Assuming CB is Carte Bancaire.

There is a checkout plugin at

Allows you to pay by credit card directly on the site. There is also a alternative PayPal option if required.

Your customer to need to apply to PayPal to upgrade their account, before they could run Checkout Advanced.

Standard business accounts would not work.

There is a demo of the plugin available to view on the site.

Note PayPal have a quite a confusing naming system with more than one plugin called Checkout and more than one called Advanced.
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