Unnecessary line break in standard payment plugin

Started by sandomatyas, April 27, 2022, 11:19:41 AM

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When you use the standard payment plugin in the plgVmConfirmedOrder method there is a line:
$dbValues['payment_name'] = $this->renderPluginName ($method) . '<br />' . $method->payment_info;
It works well when you have payment_info but if you don't use it, you'll get an unnecessary <br /> after the plugin name
Could you please use this line break only if it's neccessary?


Somehting like this
$dbValues['payment_name'] = $this->renderPluginName ($method);
if ( !empty($method->payment_info) ) $dbValues['payment_name'] .= '<br />' . $method->payment_info;


Also the payment name has a span with class:
<span class="vmpayment_name">Pick up</span><br />payment_info
Could you please consider adding a class to payment_info as well?
<span class="vmpayment_name">Pick up</span><br /><span class="vmpayment_name">payment_info</span>
Maybe the <br /> could be also replaced with something css-based solution


I hate and love to read stuff like that. Just browsing around, finding this, and .... yeh I have todo it directly. Otherwise it may get lost :-)
First is added.
But the second, I dont find the scoure.
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