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How to install virtuemart. in Joomla 4

Started by 25392510, January 13, 2022, 07:56:46 AM

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Hello to all.

I am not only new to this forum I am also a bit a noob with Joomla/VM.

I could need some advice from the experienced users here in the forum please.

My problem is that I have Joomla 4 and need to install VM as shopping extension for Joomla.

As I understand Joomla 4 is quite new and there is only a "beta version" of VM available (virtuemart.

Which I guess is fine.

As I never did this kind of installation bevore I googled for instructions. All of them I found say basicly the same. Download the whole package as ZIP, unzip it and install the 3 main zip files in a certain order.

So far so good. BUT here is more than just the 3 main ZIP files. I am really confused what to do with all the other files, how do I install them?

The screenshot shows what I've got after unszipping the whole package ZIP file.

Some advice or instructions how to would be highly apreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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this is the installer package ... in this case do not extract but just install the package as per normal in Joomla thru the Joomla installer
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Maybe use the latest Beta.

To install simply open Joomla's extension installer page and drop the unopened package into the installer window.
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Thank you so much to all for your time.

Your help is verry appreciated. Didn't expect that it is going to be easier than I "feared". Sometimes its just overwelming how much stuff needs to be lerned to get to the goal.

Thanks again, its really helpful.



some of your current problems maybe fixed with the new vm4 version. I recommend to use joomla 3 currently. I had to implement a silly workaround to get the cart working. The router was not able to find the cart. the simpelts way to start,.. use the fullinstaller. A preconfigured joomla with VM. So you see first how it should work. you can do a simple sample checkout 3-4 minutes after you logged in the first time in the backend.
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