What user permission to see unpublished categories in product backend?

Started by gba, November 25, 2021, 18:35:49 PM

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VM 3.8.9 10473

I have created a user group with all permissions 'not allowed', except the following ones (see also attachment):
- Access Administration Interface
- Product access
- Product edit
- Product create

Users assigned to this user group are not able to see unpublished product categories in product backend.
What user permission is needed for that?

Thank you very much for your help!

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Thank you for your message.
Is that a question or a statement?
What does 'Category edit state' allow? (any documentation anywhere?)

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'Category edit state' does not make a difference in this issue.
'Category access' indeed makes also the unpublished categories available in product backend. What else does this permission allow?
And why does VM make a difference between published and unpublished categories in the product backend at all?

EDIT: VM-Team?


Is there really noone, who can tell me where I can find comprehensive information on what effects which permission does have in VirtueMart?


Edit state is a joomla thing and means to change the "state" of an item. Usually used for "published".

If it works for "category Access" the bug is, that you were able to visit it. So it handled you at least just as public user, so there are no unpublished categories for the public.
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Hi all!

It turned out, that there was a bug until VM 3.8.9 10578 not showing the unpublished product categories to users with permission 'Product edit'.
The bug is fixed now in VM 3.8.9 10580.

Thank you Max!

Kind regards,