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Virtuemart new administration interface design

Started by mratki, August 24, 2021, 08:54:18 AM

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As I can see, VirtueMart has released new administration interface design, well my question is how to enable it? I updated everything to latest version but the interface is still the old one..


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you need to download and install the new template here:

it is incl. in a complete new install but not in an upgrade
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Oh, I got it now, you need to enable it in the virtuemart "Configuration", on the first tab called "Shop", section "Advanced", then you need to check "new Admin template".

Thank you!


A hint for newbies and beginners.

As long as you are not well fond of Virtuemart, according to my personal experience, at least at the time being mid Oct 2021, I do suggest to not use the new admin template.

The new admin panel so far seems to work pretty well, but does not show all the pop-up tips needed to have hints and clues about what things do in all the panels.

The old admin panel, maybe does look ugly, but it helps much more to get a grasp on what Virtuemart does, how to set it and use it...

If you feel bad watching at the old admin panel and want to use straight right the new one keep aside the Virtuemart documentation and read the related information for each feature, in that case you do not loose much time and you get even some more info in comparison to what you would get with just the pop-up hints in the old one (so in practice maybe is a good idea to keep at hand the documentation in both cases)...