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What does 'Default Delivery Date' do?

Started by iWim, April 17, 2021, 16:32:32 PM

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Hey, hey,

What does Default Delivery Date do?
Or what is it supposed to do?

No matter what option I pick the invoice always says 'Delivery date: Same as invoice date'.

Did I forget to set another option?

The only way I can change the text, is by editing the Delivery Date field in the order.
And then it seems it doesn't care what the order status is.

The popup in config says:
QuoteHere you can specify the default setting of the delivery date on your invoices. Common is the first option. You can override the used text. Or the orderstatus 'shipped'.
I tried 'None' and 'Shipped'. Nothing happened. Even 'None' showed the delivery date.
Not sure what the common first option is.

The VM docs says:
QuoteDefault Delivery Date
The default date to use in invoices, otherwise it can be based on one of the statuses in the dropdown.  This is not a "Delivery date" functionality.
If I base it on i.e. Shipped, what is supposed to happen?
And if it's not a delivery date functionallity, then what is it?

Order statusses
QuoteDelivery date
Indicators to show if this sets a delivery date.
So if I set 'Shipped' as Default Delivery Date.
What is supposed to happen when I change the order status to Shipped?
Where does it get the delivery date from?

Can someone help me understand this?
And/or maybe explain how to set things up so I can see something change?
Maybe Some example settings...

Right now to me it looks like it's not doing anything.

Thank you and have a nice weekend.


Did you ever figure this out?
All my quotes and invoices say "Same as invoice date"

This is causing problems. Customers expect same day delivery when this isn't possible.


Overrides the invoice settings and make your own display.
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