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Only show selected custom fields at checkout

Started by AndiW, August 09, 2021, 09:04:42 AM

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Hello Everybody

I'm quite new to virtuemart, and I think it is pretty amazing. I could do all the tasks pretty easily, and if not, this forum was extremly helpfull.

However, I have one last issue. I have highly configurable products, which basically means that I have up to 20 custom fields per product. Everything works smoothly, expect at checkout. If one of the custom fields is selected, all of them will be shown at checkout. Which is pretty annoying, since the customer does not need to see the fields he did not select. I would like that only these custom fields are showed, which the customer actually selected.

So I see basically 2, maybe 3 options :
1. An add-on. Does anybody know if one offers this functionality?
2. A hack. After all the checkout page needs to get the fields. I could enter an IF statement. But where and how? Please keep in mind that I am newbie, both to virtuemart and the language.
3. There might even be an integrated option, which I overlooked. In this case a hint would very usefull.

Thank you for reading, any hint, not to mention a solution :-), would be highly appreciated.