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modify search plugin for VM

Started by marvays, July 16, 2021, 11:39:02 AM

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Can anyone modify my search plugin so that it doesn't show ID1 products or "discontinued" products in my search results?

In the plugin settings I see "IDs of Custom Fields" for searching some or all custom fields. I would like to add a field to omit a certain category.
Or just edit the php file to ftp.

Because I need an adjustment to the client's website, where I don't want to search in the category with discontinued products, it doesn't have to be made for free :)


So, you would do this easier in the products.php template

do you code at all?   for example, i skip products that have a price set to ZERO
When my products are out of stock, I set the price to ZERO

You can check for "keyword" in the url, then do a continue on the discontinued etc

   foreach ($products as $product ) {

   if ($product->prices['product_price'] <=0) continue;


Can I order a paid adjustment from you? I'd rather pay you half an hour to work than spend the whole day trying something I don't understand :(

Studio 42

Hi marvays, contact me if you need someone for this change.