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[SOLVED] Display product SKUs for each order, in Orders page?

Started by EvanGR, February 25, 2021, 09:28:49 AM

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EDIT: This has been solved, but requires technical skills. The detailed discussion and technical details are in this thread:


Use case:
We want to find/filter orders by entering product SKUs. The result will be the orders that contain that product.

As products get delivered to us in bulk, by the storage house, we want to quickly be able to find the order/customer for each item.

1) An ideal solution would be to have this function in a search box in the Orders page.
2) An alternative (and more realistic?) solution would be to list SKU codes in each order in the Orders page. Then we could do a browser search for the SKU and find it on the page.

I will attempt the 2 as a custom solution. Would that be possible to implement in a template override of the Orders page?
Any other idea appreciated.



Do not really see where you are going with ths. Each and every product (that of course has its own sku) has a list on its product edit page in back. This is not on the order page, this is in product edit and could be seen as an included in list.

You could of course probably find an extension that does this better or code this on your own.

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Quote from: Jörgen on February 25, 2021, 10:03:15 AM
Do not really see where you are going with ths.

Imagine a business that does not have all published products in stock, but rather has the products delivered in store, each week from the manufacturers.
The customers order online, and the business orders missing stock items from manufacturers.

Each Monday the business receives 100 products, to satisfy the pending orders.

Now they need to match each received product, to the customer who ordered it, and ship, and do this process as fast as possible.

How would you solve that?

If, for example, we could somehow type in the SKU, and see the orders it is included in, it would make this easy.


Ok, now I get what you want to do. But you still need to know if the order is complete. There could be one or more missing items in stock missing items in each order. This could be very complex without any stock handling.

My solution depends on stock handling.

When new item arrive they are put into stock.
Orders pending back order have o be reviewed. To see if there still are order lines waitin to be completed. If they are complete their status will be set to status complete manually.

This approach needs a small adjustment in the template when orders are "printed" from back end.

This is the best I can come up with right now, but there are maybe other ideas out there. It is basically how I handle orders that are prepaid and where products are out of stock.

Joomla 3.9.18
Virtuemart 3.4.x
Olympiantheme Hera (customized)
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Thank you.

As a starting point, it would help to know if it's possible to show the product SKUs for each order, in the Orders template override.
(without hacking core files)