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No "add to cart" button for any product

Started by hornetts, November 11, 2020, 19:30:43 PM

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Hi - I am using VM 3.8.4 10335

I have a single-vendor shop that I'm setting up that will likely have about 5 categories and 40 products. I currently have two categories and 9 products. Things are displaying reasonably well, however the "add to cart" button never appears for any product. I had added stock for all items. I do not have any security configured for users of the store.  Am I missing something? I have two payment methods - Paypal and COD. My thinking is that I should at least be able to purchase an item and request COD.  Thanks.


I believe you have added prices to your products. If yes, go to VirtueMart Configuration and make sure that "Use only as catalogue" option is disabled.
One Page Checkout for VirtueMart - [url=""][/url]
VirtueMart Email Manager - [url=""][/url]
Conversion Tracking for VirtueMart - [url=""][/url]
Reports for VirtueMart - [url=""][/url]
Responsive VirtueMart Templates - [url=""][/url]


That's what it was. Thanks! I obviously missed it. Thanks for your help!