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Thumbnails rotated

Started by Topknotch, June 24, 2020, 16:57:29 PM

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I have uploaded some images taken from my phone but the thumbnails are rotated, any ideas why please?


Try not using your phone!

Or - maybe it was your phones issue

Joomla 4.4.5
php 8.1


well that is a bit of a daft answer!
What if I am a florist and need to take pics with my phone, upload them to the site, then share them on social media??
Your suggestion would mean I have to buy a camera, take pics, then download them to the pc, shrink them, then upload them!!

It is quite a simple question and one that I am amazed has never been brought up before, as I searched and searched for it and found no answer!

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all images have meta data that sets how the image is displayed .. 
if u open them on your PC you will find that they are also rotated etc ...  VM does no processing of the images ..  it displays what u upload..

But as your images are probably huge as well as rotated then the obvious thing if u want a quality site IS to pre-process them so they are of a sensible size, aspect and rotation before uploading them
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I get that, but as I pointed out, it is ONLY the thumbnails that are incorrect. NOT the product image. Also the phone is set to take square images 500px x 500px , so they will not need resizing.

Here is a screenshot link to explain further -


As GJC sais VM displays what You upload.
Looking at Your images tells me that You probably use a custom template, my guess is that it could be Your templates handling of images that could cause this behaviour. Square images can in some rare circumstances need some extra handling.

Next issue is that uploading images with little or no compression and maybe with big pixel counts lead almost inevitably to long loading times for the website.

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Quotewell that is a bit of a daft answer!

My suggestion is completely valid and I am shocked that you think it has no validity for your problem-

Do what I suggested first - post an image from your pc and see if there is still an issue.  Rule out the device.  Because you will not be the only person posting from a phone!

Then, if that is still an issue -
Take an image with your phone
Get it to a PC to see how it looks
In addition - get the uploaded image (after upload) from the website and compare
Do the same for the auto thumbnail


Joomla 4.4.5
php 8.1