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Started by vitalgirlz, October 02, 2019, 06:50:20 AM

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I have read through the jotcache instructions but they leave me with no clue as to how to set up jotcache using a virtuemart site, and what the optimal settings are, and how to take into account virtuemart's requirements. I have read elsewhere that I should:

"JotCache Component – exclude views = com_virtuemart: cart, user, orders, askquestion, invoice, pluginresponse, state."

- But how do I do that? Where? And do I put in urls, or what? Can anyone help me with this?

Also, the last part of the article I was reading stated this:

"In the next part of optimization, we had to solve a problem: the first URL load (cache is not generated yet) was even slower than before the optimization.
We have therefore created a script which goes through the site map URLs and adds them to the cache list. This script is run by a CRON at 4 am – all the URLs are thus added in the cache with 24 hour period of renewal."

Can anyone point me in the direction for more information about this - I can do a bit of programming but I have never used cron jobs before and would not have a clue how to go about this. Is there something in jotcache's settings that also take care of this? Or joomla's? I have no idea how old this article is.

What settings should I use generally for virtuemart?

I have googled, but its confusing.

I am using Joomla version 3.9.11 , virtuemart version 3.6.2, jotcache version 6.2.1. I also have sh404sef, j sitemap pro, jch optimize installed



I'd get rid of Jot and sh404. Just use normal SEO settings and enable Joomla's conservative caching. Will likely be more reliable and probably faster and certainly easier to maintain.
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You use the extensions that have the most problems with a (Joomla) shop.
Virtuemart use session(and most shops) and jotcache or jch optimize dont check about sessions values, so can cache a page that need to be refreshed in some case.
sh404 slowdown in all case your website, you should use Joomla core SEF.


sh404 has some really nice features beyond the simple url rewrites, I don't want to get rid of that. But I have been doing some more looking and it seems lightspeed is a better cache option. I have to change hosts anyway as my server response time is unacceptably high in mobile, so I will change to a lightspeed host and use their plugin. It automatically crawls and recreates the cache, so no need for a cron job. Likewise, jchoptimise has been invaluable in speeding up my site and fixing things I could not do otherwise. It seems to only do browser caching ( Is this bad?

How would I go about excluding these things ("JotCache Component – exclude views = com_virtuemart: cart, user, orders, askquestion, invoice, pluginresponse, state."), and is there anything else I should exclude from caching when I set up lightspeed?


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Litespeed cache as a component to install in Joomla and in options there are various fields to exclude urls, exts etc

What is nice about Litespeed is you can programatically delete individual cached pages and in VM all associated pages ( cat listing etc) of  a product so if u do direct database manipulation for stock, prices etc you can then trigger the cache delete of just that product
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I always get VM cart page cached when usу joomla standart cache plugin. How can I exclude it without jotcache? Joomla 3.5 + vm 3.2


Unpublish Joomla cache plugin :)

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