Author Topic: hidden menuelement takes over sef urls (maybe bug?)  (Read 923 times)


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hidden menuelement takes over sef urls (maybe bug?)
« on: November 14, 2018, 15:20:46 pm »
Hi guys
J! 3.8.13
VM: 3.4.2
PHP 5.6

I'm having trouble understanding how the SEF urls are generated and how they are applied to menu-items.
my problem is this:

Currently i have a page with category view acting as my "homepage". Then i have an other page - also category view called sitemap acting as my (listing of all products in all products).

The problem is that usually i would have my products have a sef url something like:
when i introduce this sitemap-page it is "hijacking" the urls so they become something like which is not what i want.

I have these two views to be able to have a navigational view (browse) and a overview (list all products) because some client might not know exactly which product goes in which category.

And also, im not sure if it is a bug or not, but if i disable the menuelement sitemap products from frontpage revert to using component/virtuemart/... url and keeps doing this until i uncheck the sef url option in configuration and reenable it.

Hope you can help.

If this is unsolvable, i would have to generate some code myself to extract all products and show a listing of products without a category view. My problem is just i dont understand "how" the sef urls are assigned to the products.

Best regards,