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Started by nickon2, June 06, 2013, 21:36:40 PM

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Then why on earth would VM have the status _F declared, when I am supposed to set the value myself ? In that case there should be dummy assignments for all letters and possible valid keys of orders statuses right ?
I do not really see what we are doing wrong here ?

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There are some statusses that seem quite common, they are used by standard payment plugins. So they are predefined. Other not.

If you want additional statusses, you have to define the language variables yourself. Of course as a Joomla language override like GJC explained, for admin and site.

Status F (completed) and D (denied) are standard VM statusses, that is why they should have their language variables in the language files.

I don't see anyone of you doing something wrong either.

The only missing thing was, that the standard statusses had no language variables. And the same subject came up again and again in this forum and others (e.g. DE).
While fixing it, was much less work earlier today than explaining the whole thing here. ;-)

So in the next VM version there will be language variables for it, yours will still work, since you made language overrides.

So the world is in peace and good order.
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