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Product not found after move to php 7.0

Started by yaelkroy, August 28, 2017, 20:34:37 PM

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Hello everyone. I moved the to another server and now it gives me 404 - requested product does not exist even if SEF turned off.
PHP Version   7.0.22
Joomla! Version   Joomla! 3.7.5 Stable
Virtuemart 3.2.4

and yes, all products EXIST. only 8 there and all of them 404
.htaccess is default for joomla as well
if I turn of virtuemart 404 error handling the product page gave error displaying error page and Error displaying the error page: Call to a member function getCode() on null: Not found

example of url

No errors I  server log
256 Mb memory limit

Vm debug output
Configuration Saved
1 vmdebug PHP 5.4
2 vmdebug Show All Errors
3 vmdebug 2 Languages, default shoplanguage (VmConfig::$jDefLang): ru_ru ru-RU Fallback language (VmConfig::$defaultLang): ru_ru Selected VM language (VmConfig::$vmlang): en_gb en-GB SEF: en
4 vmdebug vmTime: time to load config: 0.00310301780700684
5 vmdebug Start used Ram 2M
6 vmdebug loaded 0en-GBcom_virtuemart /home/bitrix/ext_www/ en-GB
7 vmdebug loaded 0en-GBcom_virtuemart_config /home/bitrix/ext_www/ en-GB
8 vmdebug loaded 0en-GBcom_virtuemart.sys /home/bitrix/ext_www/ en-GB
9 vmdebug loaded 0en-GBcom_virtuemart_help /home/bitrix/ext_www/ en-GB
10 vmdebug loaded 1en-GBcom_virtuemart_orders /home/bitrix/ext_www/ en-GB
11 vmdebug loaded 1en-GBcom_virtuemart_shoppers /home/bitrix/ext_www/ en-GB
12 vmdebug getVendorId manager
13 vmdebug Active Mainvendor
14 vmdebug Set 791 to 1
15 vmdebug My Memory Limit in Bytes 268435456
16 vmdebug vmTime: "VirtueMartControllerConfig" Finished task config: 0.12647008895874
17 vmdebug End used Ram 2M

Fatal catcher output
JApplicationCms -> execute() @ /home/bitrix/ext_www/
JApplicationSite -> doExecute() @ /home/bitrix/ext_www/
JApplicationSite -> dispatch() @ /home/bitrix/ext_www/
JComponentHelper :: renderComponent() @ /home/bitrix/ext_www/
JComponentHelper :: executeComponent() @ /home/bitrix/ext_www/
require_once() @ /home/bitrix/ext_www/
JControllerLegacy -> execute() @ /home/bitrix/ext_www/
VirtueMartControllerProductdetails -> display() @ /home/bitrix/ext_www/
VirtueMartViewProductdetails -> display() @ /home/bitrix/ext_www/
JError :: raise() @ /home/bitrix/ext_www/
JError :: throwError() @ /home/bitrix/ext_www/
JError :: handleCallback() @ /home/bitrix/ext_www/
JError :: customErrorPage() @ /home/bitrix/ext_www/
JErrorPage :: render() @ /home/bitrix/ext_www/
JDocumentError -> render() @ /home/bitrix/ext_www/
JDocumentError -> _loadTemplate() @ /home/bitrix/ext_www/
require_once() @ /home/bitrix/ext_www/
JV -> render() @ /home/bitrix/ext_www/
JVFrameworkHelperEvent -> fireEvent() @ /home/bitrix/ext_www/
JV :: call() @ /home/bitrix/ext_www/
JVFrameworkExtensionLayout -> beforeRender() @ /home/bitrix/ext_www/
JVFrameworkHelperBlock -> count() @ /home/bitrix/ext_www/
JVFrameworkHelperPosition -> count() @ /home/bitrix/ext_www/
JVFrameworkHelperPosition -> getModules() @ /home/bitrix/ext_www/
JVFrameworkHelperEvent -> fireEvent() @ /home/bitrix/ext_www/
JV :: call() @ /home/bitrix/ext_www/
JVFrameworkExtensionModule_assignment -> onGetModules() @ /home/bitrix/ext_www/
JVFrameworkExtensionModule_assignment -> assigmentCheck() @

Any help is appreciated highly


found a coupole errors. Can it be the reason of WSOD?

8 Undefined property: stdClass::$enable in file: /home/bitrix/ext_www/ line: 81

timestamp: 2017-08-29T01:18:55+00:00
2 syntax error, unexpected '(' in /home/bitrix/ext_www/ on line 5
in file: /home/bitrix/ext_www/ line: 841


cought in the server log

[Tue Aug 29 16:32:26.116003 2017] [:error] [pid 2653] [client] PHP Deprecated:  Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; plgSystemJVVMHelper has a deprecated constructor in /home/bitrix/ext_www/ on line 18, referer:

Studio 42

For PHP Deprecated constructors rename function having same name as class to function __construct line 18 in your file /home/bitrix/ext_www/

in /home/bitrix/ext_www/ on line 5 check the string, certainly an invalid char.

Undefined property: stdClass::$enable in file: /home/bitrix/ext_www/ line: 81
Add inside class definition a line for $enable Eg.
protected $enable = false;
public $enable = false;
But all this errors should not stop PHP to work.