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Using language overrides in product descriptions

Started by behemoth, July 17, 2017, 11:23:06 AM

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Not sure if this is the right place to enquire, but is it possible? I've searched around but can't find anything specific.

A little background: We have a site with a LOT of products (currently over 1 million and growing). These products fall into a number of broad categories, and a number of them require a lot of specific static information in the product description (for example a safety notice, a usage policy, or some instructions). As a result, we're storing a lot of duplicate information in the database and presumably slowing the site down more than necessary.

My idea was to have a number of language overrides for these pieces of information, so we could include a short title in the description and the system would translate this automatically into the larger text.

If I use the override constant, that's what is displayed in the product page, not the text.

If it's important, we import the product content via CSVi, so it would be impractical if we had to manually amend every product; it should be something we can simply import (if it's possible at all).

Joomla is 3.7.3, Virtuemart is 3.2.2


Hi All,

I think I'm able to use Regular Labs' ReReplacer to do what I need.

I'm still curious if this is possible though.



You could add a custom field with layout position.