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Vendor information not set

Started by Xeesheava, October 12, 2016, 20:53:59 PM

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Hello Everyone:
I have a problem with the Vendor information. I can't set it, I do all the steps but when I save it the Address its not set. Someone said its a problem about the DB not working properly, I tried to edit it via phpMyAdmin but I can't find it.
There is a way to repair the DB without losing all? Or where is the table to edit Vendor Address?



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Sorry Jenkin  :-[

Live Site:
Virtuemart Version: 3.0.18
Joomla Version: 3.6.2   
PHP Version: 5.6.26
Template used:
Using SEF: Yes.

As visual aid:
Image 1.png: This image shows when I go to the Shopper Information.
Image 2.png: Shows when I click on Add Address.

Then 1.png applies again since its not saving it. I tried clicking on Save and Save and Close and it's the same.

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so your saying you fill the fields, save and the page refreshes but the fields are still blank?

if u switch on VM debug do u see any error?

Are all your es lang. tables there?

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