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Paybox : checkIps not longer needed

Started by Milbo, October 04, 2016, 12:03:58 PM

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The new paybox dont need a check for IPs, so just open the "/plugins/vmpayment/paybox/paybox/helpers/paybox.php and remove

if ($checkIps) {
if (! $this->checkIps() ) {
return FALSE;

or just use the attached file, remove the file extension.txt and replace the paybox.php in the HELPERS directory of the paypox payment
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Hello Milbo,
I have modified the code as you mentioned,
but nothing changes, there are still countless requests to IP Paybox:

But no more wondering when I disable the plugin (which I have to do at night to avoid overloading the server)
The technician Paybox and I have been researching all day, but we fail to find or from these calls?
See screenshot of the day, all outbound connections are with PayBox ????
Au secours, help me please

Fran├žois PARTY


Hello Multisud,

Just to inform you that we found the reason of your issue countless requests to IP Paybox:
We have fixed it. You will be able to update with no problem when the next version is available.