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dynamic-update doesn't change page title

Started by norbertschad, January 27, 2016, 15:11:57 PM

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I'm using 'data-dynamic-update' for product navigation links at the product details view and the content is updating as expected. However, the page title is not.
As the complete page is fetched via AJAX, it would be easy to extract the title from the delivered data and set it.
I agree there is no need to change all the meta stuff, but the title would be nice, so that customers could find the right tab or window, when they look for it.

For one of my customers I've changed dynupdate.js (ln. 34 ff) to change page title:

if (el.length) {
    var title = $(data).filter('title').text();
    $(document).attr('title', title);

Maybe this sounds reasonable enough to add it into the core or it helps someone to solve the same issue.

Virtuemart: 3.0.12
Joomla: 3.4.8