VirtueMart will no longer add items to shopping cart / no pop-up cart / no pop

Started by muddauber, November 05, 2015, 00:37:57 AM

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Migrating from 2.5.28 to 3.4 seemed to go well until I clicked the  "Add to Cart" button,
only a blank pop-up and an (X) appeared.

When i checked all extensions for updates nothing showed up. However, when I
searched the files section I found When I installed it the problem went away.

Please note that VirtueMart does not display a notice of an update in the Extension
Manager's UPDATE or FIND UPDATES, so you may have to do it manually.

I used MigrateMePlus to migrate the site and it pulled the 3.0.10 install, thus
revealing the problem.

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Odd numbered VM versions are interim test/development for use by experienced users so will not appear in Joomla's auto update system. VM 3.0.12 (ie stable version for all) will be the next version to be offered. However I would never use an auto-updater with any Joomla component, as I use the manual extensions manager so I can see any install error messages and in any case, Icheck all updates on a backup of the live site.
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