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Point Of Sale for Virtuemart - New Features

Started by Doggiefield, July 17, 2015, 17:19:40 PM

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POS for Webshops is a Point-of-Sale that connects your Brick-and-Mortar store to your Virtuemart webshop.

Stop the hassle of running a online and offline business
If you have a webshop and a brick-and-mortar store, how do you keep track of your stock? Do you still need to add new products by hand in you cash register?
We know how frustrating and difficult it can be to manage both your webshop and physical store.
POS for Webshop is built to improve your business online and offline.

Do your online customers purchase in your physical store as well? All customer data can be synced automatically.
Assign a customer to an order and their store-bought products will also be visible in their online account history.

Quick and easy interface
An intuitive interface that can be used without any training. You and your staff will have no problems using the Point-of-Sale in your store. An easy to use interface will improve checkout speed and minimize handling.
Easy to use with product barcodes and you can use the POS with a touch screen.

Stock management / Inventory control
No more need to open each product one by one to update the stock levels in your webshop. In the "Stock management" screen you can update all your products quickly with the use of a barcode scanner. Scan your items and the stock will be either increased, lowered or set to your chosen value. A quick and intuitive interface to handle your inventory.
An inventory log shows all your stock modifications and the important product details in a simple list. Do you need to price your incoming goods? Scan the product to view current stock and pricing from your webshop.
POS for Webshops will publish your unpublished products automatically when they're back in stock, if you wish (it's a setting).

Have you ever shipped the wrong product?
A mistake is easy to make. With hundreds or thousands of sku's it's inevitable that you will pick and ship the wrong product from time to time. The built in orderpicker will help you minimize mistakes.
All products and ordered quantities can be checked by scanning each product. Products that have no barcode can of course also be checked manually using the product details and product image from your webshop.

It is possible to automatically change the Order Status in VM after picking an order.

Sorry, we're sold out!
When something sells out in your store, you need to make sure that it can no longer be bought by an online customer. Have you ever had to send that email apologizing to your customer. "I'm sorry the product you ordered wasn't available anymore".
With POS for Webshops you can automatically keep the webshop stock up-to-date with every sale you make. You can also have the products unpublished automatically in your webshop.
Keeping a separate stock for your webshop? No problem, just disable the "modify stock" feature and you can sell your products independently without messing up your online stock.

Quick and easy refunds
When you need to give a refund to a customer or raise a credit note, just scan the barcode on the order and a window with the order details will open. If you do not use a barcode on your receipts you can also search by customer, order number, date, etc.
Select the items you want to refund and process the order. Your stock will be kept up-to-date, and your customer happy.

No constant internet connection? No problem!
POS for Webshops runs independent from web access and data is always stored locally and auto-synced upon re-connection. This way you can easily take a laptop with the POS installed to a fair or (trade) show and sync all your sales when your internet connection.

If you do not want to rely on local hardware and prefer to use an online cloud version, that's also possible. In that case you will need an active internet connection of course.

Sandbox Demo
Try our online demo
Point of sale for Virtuemart


Printing Barcode Labels for your products has never been easier;
Choose your label style in Your Point of Sale Configuration and set the width and height of your labels.

Click on the print button next to the barcode of the product to print your label.

Point of sale for Virtuemart


New: Notifications and new main screen lay-out. The new lay-out has the option to switch between the POS main screen and the StockManager.
With the latest version it is also possible to receive notifications of new events (Version 1.4 and above)

We will implement more notification functions in the next few weeks.
Point of sale for Virtuemart


New: Low stock notification on main screen / Limit Sales to available quantity. (V1.4.4 and higher)

You can set the Stock notifications in the configuration:

If you set the configuration to "Show warning" you will see an warning icon next to the item in the main screen:

Point of sale for Virtuemart


@ Doggiefield

Seems a lot of work went into this POS solution but is it still supported and maintained?
Before investing in this we naturally try to check what users think about it but it does not look like it is supported much.
The few opinions I can find about it on FB are mostly looking for support and I do not see any recent updates.

I certainly like the feature set and the interface seems a little more polished than Equate's (which I can find no users of) and Webkul's solution.
These are the only three POS systems for VM right?


OK I tried to contact author via facebook, website/email and here without getting any reply (just like costumers on FB seems to get no support).
Can anything be featured in the Virtuemart Extension directory? Almost seems like an abandoned project, certainly to uncertain support and future to throw EUR 368 at.


Due diligence is always necessary when purchasing any third party component.

I don't think the team use much of their development time in tracking the status of extensions listed.

Regarding listing of extensions on VM managed sites - Extensions listed have to be "allowed".

I will contact the manager of the extension store to let him know about your findings/concerns.

Joomla 3.10.11
php 8.0


It is a POS system and have to work perfectly everyday, so support is really important.
Thanks for trying to get in touch, would have bought it if it had prompt feedback but went with Equate POS instead (they answer within hours, seems so even in weekends).


As we're still without news of any updates to POS for Webshops (which is a shame at time of writing i'm very satisfied with it as such)..... how are you managing with Equate ?
Any showstopper issues?
Things clear enough in the backend  & database to build upon?
I ask as i have had to basically write a custom solution to extract sales/payment data in order to satisfy our accounting & reporting needs....
In case i have to switch over to another system, i'd need to be able to do the same type of reporting/data extracting...


I am sorry but cannot say anything about Equate yet. Had it running after a little help but I have been so busy with other stuff since.
I really hope I can put some time into it soon to see if it is really a solution for us.

GJC Web Design

I and many other users have tried to get any sort of contact going with the dev but to no avail. He was last active on this forum in 2017!
As mentioned its a shame as the software works really well.

The extension is still for sale although I have no idea what happens when you pay .. if u get the extension or not I mean.

For existing clients there is no support and a major problem going to php7 in that the traffic between the localhost POS and your site is in encrypted with Mcrypt which is no longer available ( in php7).
The connector files are encrypted as well.

I have had these files decrypted and have written the necessary code for php7 using openssl so now the software runs fine in php7+.
I guess this breaks the licensing but as the dev never replies to any contact attempt but keeps the website open for sales what else is the solution.

If any users need these files you can contact me by PM or email
GJC Web Design
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Thanks to the solution found by GJC,
we have restored the POS for our physical store.
The update is simple and works well.
Tested in Php 7.3.27 with joomla 3.9.24 and Virtuemart 3.8.8.