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Customer registration error on VirtueMart

Started by raffaelevirtuemart, July 11, 2015, 16:16:00 PM

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Dear Sirs, I am having a problem on VirtueMart

When a new customer wants to register on the website and use a username / email that is alredy in the website, the page refreshes and all field are deleted, without showing an erro meassge like (This user/password is already in use. Please try again).

How can I solve the problem, as I lose potential customer on my website.

You can try yourself here: (using raffaele as username)

Thank you


Please update. You should be using at least VirtueMart 3.0.8   ( )

You may find that your problem is already fixed. Current latest release is 
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Please mention your VirtueMart, Joomla and PHP versions when asking a question in this forum


HI, thank you, I updated virtuemart and now it works,

1) I have the massage that says:


Saving failed with the following error: The user name is already in use.

How can I change this message? Where can I rewrite it?

2) When showing the error meaasge all the fields in the form are deleted, is it possible not to delete them?

Thank you