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VM Payment plugin Standard

Started by stensbo, June 03, 2015, 16:04:51 PM

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On Joomla 2.5.28 - VM 3.0.9

Hope this code can be added in the standard.xml file (path: ../plugins/vmpayment/standard/) just under field "payment_currency" code

<field name="email_currency" type="list" default="vendor" label="VMPAYMENT_STANDARD_EMAIL_CURRENCY"
<option value="vendor">VMPAYMENT_STANDARD_EMAIL_CURRENCY_VENDOR</option>
<option value="payment">VMPAYMENT_STANDARD_EMAIL_CURRENCY_PAYMENT</option>

Explained very well by RobertG in this topic
Hi Milbo,

It's only one problem: my shop uses Euro as default currency and accepts CHF.
When a customer selects CHF for viewing prices and add products in his cart, and pay with another mode than PayPal, the invoice, content of email he receives and details on the site are in Euro, not in CHF.
In previous version 2 of Virtuemart, email and invoice were in CHF in this case.
For example if he chooses to pay by bank transfer, he doesn't know how to pay in CHF, as he has only Euro value in the mail, invoice and details on the site too.
In PayPal plugin, Valérie added a choice for the currency: vendor or customer currency. I created a PayPal payment with Euro, another in CHF and my customer gets an invoice and a email with the currency he used to pay. Why not with other methods?

Thanks in advance!

Then we don't have to add the code after every upgrade  :)