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Free Sitemap for Virtuemart 2 & 3

Started by studio42, March 12, 2015, 17:03:24 PM

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Hi all user,

We wrote a free sitemap generator for Virtuemart for search engines.
It's very easy to use and free of setting.

The component generate more then 2000 products per minutes ! Of course, you can use SEF and can handel multi-language sites.
You can download it on the shop site for FREE.

Of course, you can use Xmap to generate the rest of your site. this is completly independent.

Thanks for reporting, if you have some problem to use it.

STUDIO 42 Development.
free virtuemart tools :

Studio 42

Please Update, fixed for product in unpublished categories


Very nice extension, thank you so much  :)


Is there a way to add multivariant products to sitemap ?

Studio 42


I have run this program but it does not appear to pick up all my products.  When I go to test the sitemap it only shows 31 webpages but I have 811 products.  The 31 pages are probably category pages.

Am I doing something wrong?

Studio 42

Do you use only child products or have no translations ?


Does anyone know if there is a sitemap generator that manages child variants?

Studio 42

You can perhaps use CSVI PRO see for some solution.
I writed for some customer another methods, to get image site map for eg. But  i don't sold it directly because it need in some case adjustments. In your case i have to know for eg. How you have set your shop childs to get all you need, because you perhaps don't want all children.


The link you provided is disabled for downloading, can you provide another link? (it doesn't show the add to cart button)

Studio 42

I'm on rebuilding my whole websites, so i had to remove for now some functionality, to not have complain.
Try next week if you need something(free or not) from the shop.


Hello and thanks for Virtuemart 2 SiteMap extenstion!

When some new products are added or some others are deleted, does this extension update sitemap?

How can I update the sitemap after any changes in products list?

Studio 42