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Attached invoice is gibberish!?

Started by ZangiefJ, March 10, 2015, 16:30:34 PM

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I use VM 3.0.6 + Joomla 3.3.1

My website is multi language with english and chinese.

When client receive the confirmation mail with attached invoice:

Finish order in english version, the attached invoice with english is OK!

Finish order in chinese version, the attached invoice show gibberish not chinese.

I have searched some issues for solving this problem but all post long time ago.....

Is any new way to solve this problem?



I don't know the exact solution for chinese, but you will probably have to adjust some settings in the tcpdf library and install a font which can display chinese characters:
Perphaps start here: and follow some of the links.
Non-English Shops: Are your language files up to date?