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VM3 NOW VirtueMart 3 component (core and AIO)

Started by weblover, January 26, 2015, 09:39:26 AM

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Hi there,

I downloaded the file from,which contains two compressed files: com_virtuemart 3.0.2 tar.gz and com_vituemart 3.0.2 _ext aio.tar.gz. But the files can't be installed for joomla.

Would you please tell me where I can download the vituremart 3.0.2 with ZIP format instead of tar.gz?


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.tar.gz is the standard install package for Joomla, and if you open the package you will find that it contains both component packages in tar.gz format. This is used because it reduces the package file size below the upper file size limit for many shared hosts, which is only 2Mb.  Then there are hosts which for some reason are compiled without tar.gz unpacking - luckily these are very few. In that case you should locally extract the tar.gz packages and then zip them so you have a package suitable for installing on your server - as long as it then does not break the 2Mb limit if that is what you have.

Having said that, there are separate zip files available for VM3.0.2 (but not VM3.0.3) on
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