attribute "action" in forms and redirect to "nowhere"

Started by fsv, December 17, 2014, 22:10:53 PM

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VM3.0.2 + J3.3.6
Old problem, since version 1.0
Forms ...

line 33
<form action="index.php" method="post" name="adminForm" id="adminForm">

In some cases, very uncomfortable when there is a redirect to /index.php.
Page after reloading must often have the same address.
Specifically, in this file - after clicking on the second page URL becomes  /administrator/index.php , 
I click to the third page, then I click "Back" button in browser, as a result - a mistake.
Perhaps this example is not very good and not critical (just now came across). But this is not the only such code. On FE is often critical.
I propose to review all forms and, where possible, remove «action» -
<form method="post" name="adminForm" id="adminForm">


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