[Upgrade virtuemart 2.6.12] “Add to cart” button doesn't work anymore [Resolved]

Started by Aelric, December 09, 2014, 18:48:09 PM

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Further to my Virtuemart update, from 2.0.20b at 2.6.12, I have a problem. On the product details page, orders are placed in my cart, but it doesn't work when I want to order directly with the "Add to cart" button displayed in the featured products module. Before, "Add to cart" button added product in my cart and open a popup to confirm. Now, I'm redirected to the homepage without adding the product and the cart view is inserted, empty, below. Arrows to increment the number of products don't work either. Is this issue speak to someone ?

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Operating System: Windows 7
Joomla version: 2.5.27
URL's concerned site: Local site
Hosting: Local server (EasyPHP)
Browser(s): Firefox, Chrome


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Html code is the same from one version to another. Also I think it may be a problem with javascript libraries.
Does anyone have had conflicts with their libraries after virtuemart updates ?

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Apparently, the problem was an override problem. The code wasn't working, because it lacked this line to "/templates/vmblend-blue/html/mod_virtuemart_product/default.php" :

// add javascript for price and cart, need even for quantity buttons, so we need it almost anywhere

I imagine it was brought by the update in the main code.

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