Author Topic: Request for extra "Pre-Order" label on Flatastic template, custom job  (Read 2241 times)


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I would like someone to create an extra product label like the one shown here:

This label above is actualy what I need, with the difference that I want it to appear while still giving me the ability to "add to cart" and checkout instead of "notify me".

Actualy this label is a "Sold" label, but I just edited the ini files to appear as "Pre-Order".

What I want, is:
1) Keep the "Sold" label and make it appear when there is "0" in stock and availability date set to "never", giving me the option to "notify me". (As it is set by default)
2) Add a "Pre-Order" label, when there is "0" in stock but an availability date is defined, giving me the option to "add to cart" and buy.