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Where to disable 'customer notes' on the order form?

Started by carsten888, October 02, 2014, 08:19:21 AM

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Where to disable 'customer notes' on the order form?

I checked everywhere in the config, but can't seem to find it. Maybe overlooking something obvious.

VM 2.6.10

GJC Web Design

just comment it out in  components\com_virtuemart\views\cart\tmpl\default.php as an override

<?php // Leave A Comment Field ?>
<!--<div class="customer-comment marginbottom15">
<span class="comment"><?php echo JText::('COM_VIRTUEMART_COMMENT_CART'); ?></span><br/>
<textarea class="customer-comment" name="customer_comment" cols="60" rows="1"><?php echo $this->cart->customer_comment?></textarea>
<?php // Leave A Comment Field END ?>
GJC Web Design
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Thanks. With all those updates I rather not work with overrides in templates. So maybe I'll just use css, as that div's classname seems to be unique (just did a full code-search in all VM files)

   display: none;