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Started by zainabubu, September 24, 2014, 02:36:26 AM

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Hello all,

I'm having some difficulties figuring out Notify Me  on VM 2.0.26D Joomla 2.5.24. So it works up to a point, but how do I, the vendor know when a client asks to be notified of particular items? It would be great if there is a way I can call for a list that shows me items that customers have asked to be notified upon it's availability. So even if there is a way that VM can notify me, the vendor, of customers wants...I will be grateful (hopefully, it is there and I just haven't discovered it).
In my testing to see how Notify Me works, I noted that alerting the customer upon availability is not automatic,  :o. I have Acymail, is there a way I can have this to become automatic, incase VM does not have a built in system for this important bit?


Again.. Updates all include these..