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Update from version 2.0.22a to 2.6.6 menu item mangles virtuemart front page url

Started by jsbullock, July 11, 2014, 08:01:13 AM

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After upgrading from VM 2.0.22a to 2.6.6, the menu item on my Joomla! home page, which navigated to my shop front and is associated with menu type "virtuemart front page" is now mangling the url. Before, it would redirect to http://mydomain/products and now the url becomes http://mydomain/index.php/products and displays a blank page.

My hosting environment is shared with Apache 2.2.27, PHP 5.4.28, MySQL 5.5.37-cll and Joomla!  2.5.22

I would be very appreciative of any advice on this problem.

- Jeff

GJC Web Design

hmmm - with index.php in the url normally means your not using .htaccess rewriting (selected in the Joomla config) . r u ?

r u using a 3rd party SEF comp?

have you a menu to the VM homepage (hidden or otherwise?)

have u tried remaking the homepage (default) menu to the VM homepage?
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Quote from: GJC Web Design on July 11, 2014, 11:16:43 AM
hmmm - with index.php in the url normally means your not using .htaccess rewriting (selected in the Joomla config) . r u ?

Thanks, GJC! You reminded me that I disabled my .htaccess file which does indeed use the rewrite engine to get rid of "/index.php"

Guess I should've mentioned earlier that this website, which I'm applying updates to, and readying to install a new VirtueMart template on, is a subdomain on a different host than the live site - a "Sandbox" if you will, to test changes on, before applying them to my real, bread-and-butter, website.

So glad I went this route, considering what has come up in the process! An extra layer of complications was added, though, since it doesn't exactly match the live site's hosting environment. I had renamed .htaccess originally to rule it out as the culprit of configuration problems experienced earlier and forgot to restore it.

So, the VM update wasn't directly involved, but...having restored .htaccess, however, did not solve the blank screen problem. After turning Global Configuration/Site/Error Reporting to Maximum, I get this:

Fatal error: Class 'vmRequest' not found in /home/username/public_html/my_subdomain/plugins/vmcustom/specification/specification.php on line 98

Thanks again, GJC, for:

I did use the live updater to move to 2.6.6, so now I'm going to try re-installing the VM 2.6.6 package from the Extension Manager to see if that hopefully clears things up.

- Jeff


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