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How to update VirtueMart

Started by jenkinhill, May 12, 2014, 13:49:13 PM

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All updates of the main and aio components may be made using Joomla's extensions installer or for stable release (even number versions) Joomla's component updater may be used if an update alert message is shown, but the main component must be updated first, followed by the aio component. Joomla does not always provide the prompt for both components, and can be unreliable.  BUT like many experienced users I prefer to use the full installer for every update, as if installing a new component. This ensures that I can see what is happening and check if there are any error message.

The VM file packages can be downloaded from

On your local machine unpack to release the two VM component files. Then install the main component followed immediately by the aio component. It is important to use the same release version aio component. These overwrite and replace the previous installation but no data is deleted. If there is a copy of the com_tcpdf component in the package then that should be installed, too.

You must update both components using the same release number as they are designed to work together, and the main component must be updated first, immediately followed by the aio component.

As always, all updates should be tested first on a backup copy of the live website to ensure no problems with functions, template overrides etc.

Do not delete the old VM version before installing the new. No VM data will be lost during an update.

UPDATE.  As from VM3.2.15 there are filesets available from    These contain a complete VM component / aio component and tcpdf component (+ VMBeez template) which can be installed as one complete package using the Joomla installation manager. Just drop the complete package into the extension installer.  This greatly simplifies the updating procedure.
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