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Steady development
« on: April 07, 2014, 13:04:58 PM »
The VirtueMart project is constantly ongoing.

We use the KaiZen strategies to enhance the code.

This is a rough list of features added in the vm2.0.x series.

Enhancement for semi one page checkout. The cart view is now almost a whole form, so the whole construction is more congruent.
error logs
Added vmText
Admins can checkout as shopper
Did tons of small fixes, enhancements and optimisations (caching!). The details would the list explode.

FE product editing
drag n drop ordering for products
Added an option to use fancy or facebox.
configuration for orderstatus and emails to be sent
order editing
delivery notes creation for orders
configuration of header and footer for invoices, delivery notes, etc,
Help button in every backend view, showing the online information of
Shopperfields use default value now, so you can use it for setting the value default on "agree to tos".
Added option to show related products in the "add to cart popup"
"add to cart popup" is template able
Added the nice chosen.js to most FE dropdowns
emails send in the shoppers language
splitted language files
Most shops run with the fallback for english, so it is loading most time at least 2 languages. Cleaning and reducing the size of the language files gave us around 4 MB Ram.
Please accept tos is directly displayed, less redirects
added Meta for homepage
Consistent display of discounted and old prices with line-through on product, homepage, cart, order, email and print view.
function getProduct and getProductSingle are cached on hash keys based on the parameters

Added calculation per category for rules per cart
Added correct reducing of tax when a discount is used and different VAT taxes are required for the products
Email subject price displayed in the correct currency
Moved TOS to top of check in cart, for easier use and visibility.
when shipment and tax use generic rules, if only one product VAT is used
Improved step order levels
Added ordering for child products
Added manufacturer for rules per product, please be aware, this won’t work for rules per bill despite the categories.
RSS feed for homepage and categories
Taxes for shipment selection in view.html.php
added unified way of tcpdf, updated tcpdf
Multilingual images (different images for each language)
jquery.validationEngine-xx.js loaded by language


Added caching in the router for better performance

mass reference of products to categories or shoppergroups
joomla plugins in category views
some eye candies
if ST same as BT is chosen, ST is hidden
if pricedisplay per shoppergroup is deactivated, the options for it disappear
orders list:
link to user
email displayed
more fields are searchable (ordernumber, email, name, address_1, company, zip, ...)
users list added new fields for the search (email, usertype, group,...)
new trigger in maincontroller FE
not logged in users can now have a shoppergroup (with trigger in maincontroller for 3rd party developers)
better show prices in productdetails
added Thai states
added more toggles (shared)
Fixed calculation rules for multivendor
Fixed checkout for multivendor
Frontend editing
better revenue report
shows netto
revenue of a vendor per product
removed reloading of page, choosing a search parameter
ask for prices only if first image is not a downloadable file
added vendor data to register mail
calculation rules are stored now in the order
for 3rd party developers, added quantity to product so that customfield plugins can use the quantity

Better search for product Ids (up to 30 % faster)
Optimizing table using more varchars instead of text
Countries names are translatable.
Shipmentmethods are clonable
Better xhtml1.0 compliance
More valid search fields in BE for products
Logged person can overwrite the prefilled data in the contact page
Config setting for recommmend and ask a question are now also blocked in the controller to prevent misuse by spammers

Send email to shoppers by orderstatus, and waiting list.
New type of calculation rule "VAT tax"
Price overwrites and calculation of the base price by given final price.
The rounding of the currencies can be enabled again, using the value -1 in the setting for the rounding of prices.
Invoices: you can select in the configuration the default order status to send an invoice.
Shopper will be able to be added to more than one shopper group.
Adding vendor Address to order emails
Dynamic child variants can now be configured, if displaying parent as option or not.
Some template enhancements, like "back to category button", added classes and similar
Added more valid_search_fields ='product_name','product_sku','product_s_desc','metadesc'
Added date picker and other stuff to the shopper fields
Added shopper field plugin types (for example for captchas)

layout override of plugins
Added plugin triggers for userfields (euvatid, captcha)
Product edit allows to enter the final price and calculates the cost price for you
Product edit displays all children, when it has a the customfield "dynamic child variant" attached
Reduce of cart session data
option to round only the display of currencies or to round any calculation step.

New payment plugins:  PayZen, and Authorize.Net
Compatibility Joomla 2.5
New billing system incorporated in core:  after order payment confirmation, the invoice is sent directly to shopper with the mail
PDF Librairy added in AIO
New router file reusable by 3 party's developers
Customisable Page titles per category and product
Automatic child customfield product displayed in a the parent product as a dropdown list
Media handles downloadables files (free download) and also files for sales
Faster media synchronisation
New triggers (plgVmOnAddToCart)
Migrations of most of datas
Vendor view added, extended with layout for tos, about and contact
Legal Informations for vendors

Should I fix your bug, please support the VirtueMart project and become a member
Extensions approved by the core team: