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Virtuemart Product Aliases issues with multi-language.

Started by rizecorp, November 08, 2013, 11:51:53 AM

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Hi All,

  I have installed virtuemart with multi-language (english, spanish & french) with English language as the default language. I have found that "If product aliases are same for 3 languages, then those products have no issues from front end. If product aliases are different for each language, then those products have issues from front end." This happens because of the language configuration.
Administrator ==> Components ==> Virtuemart ==> Configuration ==> SEO Tab ==> "Translate Strings" should be unchecked.
The above setting will do translation for the words which has translation exists for other languages and if the english words has no translation for other languages, then they will be in english only. (this setting was enabled in the past)

The aliases are for 3 languages are different for some of the products and need to make them as same for the 3 languages based on the product id's. Here are the product tables for 3 languages.

Here are the Version Details:

Joomla Ver: 2.5.11
Virtuemart Ver : 2.0.24
PHP Ver: 5.3.23
MySql Ver: 5.5.32

Please let me know the solution.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Maxim,

  Thank you for your reply.. I have updated the post with all version details..