wrong price showed on search result of mod virtuemart search 2.0.22a

Started by ronjb, January 07, 2014, 19:11:10 PM

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Hi guys

everything i do a search of a product with virtemart search product module the result it returns has wrong pricing
for example on the product details layout the final price is

$ 23.60
Sales price without tax: $ 21.45
Tax amount: $ 2.15

but if i search for this product using the Module VirtueMart Search Product it returns the result with the product price
$ 21.45 and a 23.60 with a dash over it..

where its should be the opposite.. where can i find the codes to switch the two prices of the module virtuemart search product? i tried looking on the /modules/mod_virtuemart_search/ but i can't find it there..

here's the product sample

and here's a search result sample


Thanks in advance